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The SMASH Alumni Association is an informal group of Alumni affiliated with the Santa Monica Alternative School House (SMASH). This may include students, faculty, or employees of SMASH since its inception in 1973. This is a brand new launch, and we are looking for Alumni who might serve on the Alumni Board to help manage the website, coordinate and plan events, monitor questions, and integrate with the school.

We have created this website for the purpose of providing a place where SMASH Alumni can connect. Some functions that the SMASH Alumni Association might serve include:

- Alumni mentoring and involvement with current SMASH students.
- Fundraising and donation efforts to support SMASH.
- Opportunities for Alumni to connect via social media or events.
- Helping to plan or participate in SMASH Alumni events for the 40th Anniversary in MAY, 2014

If you are interested in participating in the Alumni Assocation please indicate by checking the appropriate box in your profile.